About Us

Hi there! Thanks for being curious enough to want to know something about me. My name is Diana and I have been fascinated with fit muscular women since I was a teenager. Presently I am in my mid 30s, married and although not as muscular as the women I adore, I have managed to stay reasonably fit and strong. 

A few years ago, I discovered that there was a genre of art that was devoted to strong muscular women. I loved what I saw and after being a consumer for a few years, I decided to become a creator as well to produce the kind of art I would like to see. Gradually I wanted to do more with the art I was creating and I veered towards writing comics and developing interactive games with exciting and sexy storylines. The way I visualise a game or a comic in my head is very similar to a movie. There's a dearth of representation of strong women in pop and mainstream culture and that's a void I hope these comics and games will fulfil. I hope you like the products we put out and enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them. 

Want to share some love? Drop me a line at muscleville(dot)games(at)gmail(dot)com