How do I buy the comics and games from this website? 

Just go to the page of the comic or game you like, click on add to cart, add any other products you want to buy and then visit your cart to complete the purchase. If you are purchasing a game, then remember to choose between the Android and Windows versions. You can use PayPal or your card (credit or debit) to complete the purchase. We use PayPal and Stripe (for cards) which are global payment gateways and are completely safe and use the highest security protocols, so your data is safe. Once your purchase is completed, you will be able to download the product immediately. You will also get an email with the download link of the product. 

Why is my email address being collected? 

So that we can email you the link to download the products once you purchase them. If you select, you will also receive emails from us with information about new releases, promo codes, freebies, etc. We will always safeguard your email address.

Why is my physical address being collected? 

The system on Shopify (a platform for online stores) requires the address. Since our products are all digital downloads only, we do not need the address at all. You can put in anything there, it does not matter. Just ensure that the pincode matches the country where the card was issued. 

Do I have to be worried about my privacy? 

Absolutely not! We completely understand the need for privacy and we will never disclose any information about you to anyone. Never.

I am facing some issues with a game I bought. Can you help? 

Yes, we can help. Please write to us at muscleville(dot)games(at)gmail(dot)com with your order number and a description of the problem you are facing. Try and be as descriptive as you can and attach a screenshot of what you are facing on your screen. This will allow us to revert to you with a solution.